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Misty’s Classic Brews


Not quite a lager, but dryer and crispier than most ales, kolsch is noted for its soft bready malt character with firm but balanced hop bitterness. Brewed with mostly pilsner malt and cold conditioned for smoothness it will demonstrate some slightly fruity aromas.

American Pale Ale

  American Pale Ale is a showcase for the unique flavor of American grown hops, especially cascade. The crisp citrus-grapefruit character of the hops dominate the flavor and aroma. Pale and crystal malts provide the needed compliment to both interest and refresh.

Stonehenge Orange Wheat

A light bodied wheat beer gently infused with orange peel and coriander. Stonehenge is our adaption of the classic wit bier style. Pilsner and wheat malts lightly hopped join with the spice to produce a pleasant, refreshing and highly drinkable beer.


Altbier, like kolsch, is considered a Hybrid style falling between lager and ale. A rich malt presence with notes of caramel is accented by Noble hop bitterness and flavor. Alt meaning old in German refers to the old style of brewing where barrels of beer were aged in cool Bravian caves.

Robust Porter

Full bodied and satisfying, porter evolved as a “meal in a glass” for the hard working men who unloaded ships in London ports. Notes of caramel, coffee and roast balanced with traditional English hops.


Whims and seasonal selections

Come and see what our brewers have to decided to showcase! Seasonals and whims are a perfect time for the Modern Monks to show off their brewing talents!


Brew Masters- Modern Monks