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Misty's Chargrilled Steaks
Served with choice of soup, house salad or Caesar salad and choice of potato or rice.

Steak Additions:
Mushrooms $2.00 - Melted Blue Cheese $3.00 - Blackened $2.00 - Mushroom Bercy $3.00 - Sauteed Onions $1.00 - Bacon Onion Marmalade $5.00 - Citrus Bourbon Glaze $2.00
Steak Temperatures Made to Order:
RARE very red, cool center - MEDIUM RARE red, warm center
MEDIUM pink center - MEDIUM WELL slightly pink center
WELL broiled throughout, no pink

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

*Filet Mignon
Center-cut of tenderloin wrapped with hickory-smoked bacon. The finest example of flavor & tenderness. 5 oz. $32 7 oz. $38 10 oz. $44

New York Strip $37.00 each
This 11 oz. popular cut is firmer in texture and preferred for full-bodied flavor and tenderness.

S.O.B.'s Top Sirloin $26.00 each
"Sweet Old Bob's" favorite 7 oz. center-cut sirloin.
9 oz. $29.00

Ribeye $32.00 each
Exceptional marbling makes this 11 oz. ribeye the most flavorful and tender cut of all.
14 oz. $37.00

T-Bone $40.00 each
Classic 18 oz steak combines full flavor with ideal tenderness.

Kurobuta Pork Chop $26.00 each
Known for astonishing high quality, Kurobuta is darker than standard pork, with a richer taste and good marbling throughout.

Chef's Featured Steak
Ask your server! We always have something unique and delicious to offer.

NEW! Husker Wagyu $50.00 each
8 oz American Wagyu, this incredibly marbled barrel cut striploin has a unique buttery robust flavor.