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Famous Prime Rib
Served with choice of soup, house salad, or Caesar salad and choice of potato or rice.

We proudly serve only Misty's Premium Angus Beef, the Midwest's finest prime rib. Chosen from the top 10% of cattle, our beef is aged for 21 days for maximum flavor & tenderness.

Our prime rib is prepared using Misty's seasoning and slowly roasted to perfection in our special ovens. Steaks are carefully trimmed & char-grilled using our Misty's seasoning.

Steak Additions:
Mushrooms $2.00 - Melted Blue Cheese $3.00 - Blackened $2.00 - Mushroom Bercy $3.00 - Sauteed Onions $1.00 - Bacon Onion Marmalade $5.00 - Citrus Bourbon Glaze $2.00

Steak Temperatures Made To Order:
RARE very red, cool center - MEDIUM RARE red, warm center
MEDIUM pink center - MEDIUM WELL slightly pink center
WELL broiled throughout, no pink

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

*King Cut $39.00 each
12 oz.

Queen Cut $33.00 each
9 oz.

Petite Cut $27.00 each
6 oz.